LAKE. SPA trip

LAKE. SPA trip
LAKE. SPA trip
LAKE. SPA trip
LAKE. SPA trip

This ritual reveals the vitality of water, it is based on organic ingredients of herbs and algae, the effect of water on the body in all its forms.


  • aroma brewing
  • soaring with brooms with lymphatic drainage massage
  • rubbing with ice with herbs
  • algae wrap
  • sound meditation
  • tea with compliments
  • cosmetics and textiles set

Duration 180 minutes

Botany: kelp and fucus algae, aloe, blue clay, mint herbs, chamomile, salt, verbena oil, lotus. 

Effects: increased metabolism, detox and nutrition of the skin, saturation with trace elements, rejuvenating effect, cleansing of the mind. 

We recommend adding: head or face massage, milk bath, soap wash with a broom, head mask with nourishing macadamia oil, coniferous breath, hot font.