LES. SPA-travel

LES. SPA-travel

This ritual connects with the energy of the earth, it is based on local ingredients, aromas and gifts of the forest, which have healing properties and a complex effect on the body.


  • aroma brewing
  • soaring with brooms
  • washing with a broom
  • cold breath fir
  • massage with herbal pouches
  • reflexotherapy with a foot bump
  • sound meditation
  • tea with compliments
  • cosmetics and textiles set

Duration 180 minutes

Botany: fir, pine, birch, oak, sweet clover, chamomile, juniper, mint, St. John's wort, ivan tea. 

Effects: antioxidant effect, restoration of the immune system, toning effect, energy boost.

We recommend you to supplement: covered with birch, pouring herbal decoction, rubbing with honey, juniper massage of the head, rubbing with herbal ice, washing the head, hot font.